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The Fine Line Between Skinny and Slim

Gone are the days of bootcut jeans and fuller pants and I don’t mind that. But we’re starting to venture into yoga-tight territory on some of the men’s jeans and trousers I’ve seen recently. Some of it is quite terrifying to see, almost to the point shielding your kids eyes from it all! I was working last week when I put on said pants. They almost split in two when I moved, it was quite embarrassing. This seems to be happening a bit more in the men’s world with  ...

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Patterns and Menswear

I could not be more excited to bring you my first post on my personal style and my take on menswear. I am 24 years old. That’s weird to say. But as I progress through my life, my style is ever evolving and changing. I think that’s the natural process of anyone in their life, much like their personalities and hobbies change. Style itself is always changing as well but what I am always drawn to seems to be classic men’s tailoring and old-world class. To me, there is nothing better than a  ...

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