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How To Dress In The Summer

Dressing For Summer Friends! How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic, soaking up that beautiful spring sunshine in Dallas. I was outdoor legitimately all weekend. I even SLEPT outside. Okay that last part was made up, but you get the point. There’s nothing more I love in Dallas, our beautiful city than the spring, fall, and transitional months. What a pleasant time to be in the metroplex. But what about the dog days of Summer? You know the ones…. Well anyways! I had the chance  ...

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Summer Linen (Livin’)

Hey guys! Mondaze. Why not wear your best (or most colorful) suit on Monday to bring you out of the weekend rut? Also quick side note, big thanks to Stanley Korshak (The Shak Man) for hooking me up with these threads. In Texas let’s be honest, it’s hot. You can’t wear wool and it’s even tough to wear that light, year-round wool that most suits favor. So why not linen as an alternative? Breathable, lightweight, and as soft as Charmin, you won’t even notice when  ...

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Patterns and Menswear

I could not be more excited to bring you my first post on my personal style and my take on menswear. I am 24 years old. That’s weird to say. But as I progress through my life, my style is ever evolving and changing. I think that’s the natural process of anyone in their life, much like their personalities and hobbies change. Style itself is always changing as well but what I am always drawn to seems to be classic men’s tailoring and old-world class. To me, there is nothing better than a  ...

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