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The High End Suit Brand Every Guy Needs to Own

A high end suit is something every guy should have at the very minimum in my opinion, one of. I always tell guys that ask me, “if you had to pick quantity or quality, pick quality.” Put a different way, if I could have 3 different suits from a mid-tiered brand or a high end suit that will last a lifetime, give me the latter every time. Especially one that is in a rich navy hue. There’s one company in particular who I have been fond of for quite some time, and that brand is Canali. You can  ...

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Wardrobe Staples

I must admit, I’m a fan of basics, wardrobe staples if you will, and no other brand out there is doing it better than Vince right now. I say this as I’m wearing their comfy as hell basic t-shirt that feels like something you’ve washed 1000 times, while having the perfect fit. You should know me by now that I’m all about fit. I won’t wear it if it doesn’t fit well as I wrote about here a month or two back. With that being said, I’ve got a lot of cool stuff to share with you all in the coming  ...

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How To Dress In The Summer

Dressing For Summer Friends! How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic, soaking up that beautiful spring sunshine in Dallas. I was outdoor legitimately all weekend. I even SLEPT outside. Okay that last part was made up, but you get the point. There’s nothing more I love in Dallas, our beautiful city than the spring, fall, and transitional months. What a pleasant time to be in the metroplex. But what about the dog days of Summer? You know the ones…. Well anyways! I had the chance  ...

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Why Men Cuff Their Pants

The cuff. The mankle. Whatever the hell you’d like to call it is here and has been here for some time. I know that now it’s really mainstream since some Phil Dunphy type dads are seizing the trend. But why do we do it? What’s the point? Well I’m actually a huge fan of this and I’ll tell you why. A Brief History This trend takes its origins from numerous places. For one, Thom Browne is largely to be blamed for the fad. He is the man that effectively shrunk the classic suit, and rose the suit  ...

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