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Why Men Cuff Their Pants

The cuff. The mankle. Whatever the hell you’d like to call it is here and has been here for some time. I know that now it’s really mainstream since some Phil Dunphy type dads are seizing the trend. But why do we do it? What’s the point? Well I’m actually a huge fan of this and I’ll tell you why. A Brief History This trend takes its origins from numerous places. For one, Thom Browne is largely to be blamed for the fad. He is the man that effectively shrunk the classic suit, and rose the suit  ...

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Suitsupply opens in Dallas, I covered it for FD Magazine

I believe men in Dallas are somewhat stylish — but still don’t quite know how to fully express themselves in their dressing. As of last night, local gents may have found a match to the seemingly endless number of choices found inside the countless women’s boutiques here. Mustard-hued sport coats. Glen-plaid wool suits. Brown linen checked jackets. Sift through the new Suitsupply store in the West Village and these are just a few of the sartorial choices they will come across. Suitsupply CEO  ...

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