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The High End Suit Brand Every Guy Needs to Own

A high end suit is something every guy should have at the very minimum in my opinion, one of. I always tell guys that ask me, “if you had to pick quantity or quality, pick quality.” Put a different way, if I could have 3 different suits from a mid-tiered brand or a high end suit that will last a lifetime, give me the latter every time. Especially one that is in a rich navy hue. There’s one company in particular who I have been fond of for quite some time, and that brand is Canali. You can  ...

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Designing Your First Living Room

Photo Credit Above: GQ   Guys we have some exciting news that I cannot wait to share with you all, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! It is so amazing, everything we ever could have asked for, and then like times a million.  Knowing that I’m getting married later this year, Axie and I will be designing our first living room together in our home and there are a ton of great design sites and inspiration to pull from. As a guy, there’s nothing wrong with having a superbly decorated living  ...

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Banana Republic – ” What Moves You”

What moves you? That’s the question I was posed when I worked with Banana Republic on their latest campaign. Banana Republic does an incredible job of taking people just like you and I, and bringing them into telling the story of their brand. For the #BRMovesYou campaign, they wanted me to ask you all.. what moves you? Here’s the beauty of some of their clothing from Spring/Summer… it MOVES! I’m talking, you can go run in their suiting, and it’s great for  ...

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A Gentlemans Evening with Canadian Club

Friends! Happy New Year to all. I rung in the new year and holiday season with a gathering of friends and a great whisky, Canadian Club. I didn’t know about it until we had it at our get together, but it goes well with anything you want to mix it with. We had a couple of drinks at the event, and I’ve included two recipes on them below for your next gathering. From being a bartender years ago, I could appreciate a well-crafted cocktail. Canadian Club is from Canada (naturally)  ...

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