5 Menswear Essentials for Northpark Center

So I got the opportunity to blog For Northpark Center last week, detailing my 5 menswear essentials for every man. These are important to me. I think when building a wardrobe, you want to focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY. I selected 5 products from terrific stores all within Northpark Center that I believe are interchangeable and should be staples of any man’s closet. Big thanks to Catharine Flagg at Northpark and her great team for a fun […]

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Linen Shirts and the Summertime

tony trahan linen shirt

Linen Shirts Summer time is to me, synonymous with linen and the lighter fabrics designed for warmer weather. This one from J. Crew is no different. I absolutely love linen shirts. The perfect weight and the perfect piece to go from office to picnic or an after-work BBQ, it’s light enough to not make you sweat through the day. In Texas it’s tough to find fabrics in the summer that are breathable, but linen is […]

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Mixing Patterns.. Big and Small

mixing patterns

One thing I think a lot of men get wrong is how to match shirt and ties, or shirt and suits. A lot of men are scared off of mixing patterns. Like a previous post of mine, here, I think men have a tough time being able to get out of the garden variety solid shirt and solid tie. Many times I see a man with a checked shirt, or a striped shirt, paired with […]

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Saint Bernard x Tony Trahan ft. Rodd and Gunn

saint bernard

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great week thus far. Mine has started great, I’m excited to share with y’all a collaboration I’ve had in the works for a bit with Saint Bernard! Spoiler alert, click through on some of the links and you’ll see me as a model for some of the brands… But anyways, Saint Bernard has recently undergone some brand changes, and have streamlined things, now being known as Saint Bernard instead of Saint […]

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Peacocking and Style Points

You know him. Yes, you know exactly who I’m talking about. “That guy” in the office. He wears it all, he’s on trend, he is so immersed in every bracelet/festival hat/pocket square/tie bar/cuffed pants/lapel flower/crazy socks trend out there and it’s just…. well too much. I’ve been that guy for a season of my life where I was re-defining style so you can trust me when I say I’ve been there. Style is a funny […]

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White Sneakers Every Man Needs

The Sneakers Are Everywhere Head to Nordstrom right now and under the “spring essentials” for men, you’ll see white sneakers as a staple for spring. Go over to GQ and look at any spring/summer outfit or editorial and you’ll see white sneaks on it. Head to Esquire and look at how to dress down a suit and you’ll see white sneaks.   Catch the drift? They’re everywhere. No seriously. From the Stan Smith—Adidas collaboration, Jack […]

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Hotel Review: Napa River Inn

Hotel Review: Napa River Inn Holy Moly me. oh. my. What a cool trip to Napa Valley I had earlier this month, and I had been meaning to get to this ever since the trip. We stayed at the historic Napa River Inn in Napa Valley, and it did not disappoint. Most people don’t know this about Napa, but there’s not this great abundance of luxury or nice hotels in town or around the town. […]

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How To Dress In The Summer

Dressing For Summer Friends! How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic, soaking up that beautiful spring sunshine in Dallas. I was outdoor legitimately all weekend. I even SLEPT outside. Okay that last part was made up, but you get the point. There’s nothing more I love in Dallas, our beautiful city than the spring, fall, and transitional months. What a pleasant time to be in the metroplex. But what about the dog days of Summer? […]

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