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Stepping into Fall in Spain with Theory

Friends, friends, I don’t know where you are but for us in Texas it’s finally beginning to turn to fall. Which means it’s time for sweaters, polos, and all things long sleeved. Cardigans, overcoats, the things that make me and the fashion world happy. I finally was able to get my sleep back in order, and have loads of things to share with you all from Spain. This day was in Sevilla, a quaint little city just east of the Pacific Ocean in Spain. It was a dream-like town.  ...

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Cozy Up for Fall with a Vince Sweater

Fall is here friends, and I return home from the greatest trip I have ever taken. We went to Spain and it was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. The way of life in another country has always intrigued me, especially throughout Europe. Life is so different elsewhere. From fresh squeezed orange juice on seemingly every corner, or the choice of coffee being relegated to espresso, latte, or cappuccino (no black coffee anywhere) it’s striking how different another place  ...

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The Summer that Keeps on Giving

Hello friends! I was greeted this week by the some of the greatest news I’ve received… my hard drive is alive and well. So apologies for the late posting on summer pictures, I figured if you’re traveling this fall to sunnier skies you could pick up a tip here… So as I mentioned in my earlier posts here and here, there are many things you must take with you on a trip to Mexico. These pants from Vince are a must own for the casual-sphere, and I’ve found myself  ...

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Topman and The Casual Summer

Fall is almost here and that means jacket season is almost here. I was lucky enough to take a trip too Cabo last month and some of the evenings I was able to wear this new Topman suede jacket.  Shop The Post The thing I love most about this jacket is not only the color, but the texture. I have to admit, this is my first suede piece of any substantial value, and this jacket is at the right price to have you try it out yourself. A lot of the suede jackets you’ll find will be closer to the  ...

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