The Summer that Keeps on Giving

Hello friends! I was greeted this week by the some of the greatest news I’ve received… my hard drive is alive and well. So apologies for the late posting on summer pictures, I figured if you’re traveling this fall to sunnier skies you could pick up a tip here… So as I mentioned in my earlier posts here and here, there are many things you must take with you on a trip to Mexico. These […]

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Topman and The Casual Summer

topman suede jacket

Fall is almost here and that means jacket season is almost here. I was lucky enough to take a trip too Cabo last month and some of the evenings I was able to wear this new Topman suede jacket.  Shop The Post The thing I love most about this jacket is not only the color, but the texture. I have to admit, this is my first suede piece of any substantial value, and this jacket […]

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Summertime and The Linen Blazer that Saves Lives (pits)

Tony Trahan Linen Blazer

Summertime. We’re in the throngs of it, people, and it’s hot. There’s no need for wool suits and fabrics, but rather swap out your blazer for a linen blazer like this one. I spent the weekend at the lake and it was a scorcher, most days topping out at 100 degrees! New Orleans was no different, like the one my girlfriend Axie and I took and I detailed that one here for Stanley Korshak which has TONS […]

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Hotel Review: The Old No 77 Hotel & Chandlery

the old 77 hotel tony trahan

So about a week ago as I alluded to in my earlier post on New Orleans and working for Tasc, my girlfriend and I got to stay in quite a swanky little gem called The Old No 77 Hotel & Chandlery in New Orleans. The Hotel We stayed at the Old No 77 Hotel & Chandlery in the CBD (central business district) of New Orleans and it was quite a treat. We walked in and were […]

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Wardrobe Staples

Tony Trahan Vince wardrobe staples

I must admit, I’m a fan of basics, wardrobe staples if you will, and no other brand out there is doing it better than Vince right now. I say this as I’m wearing their comfy as hell basic t-shirt that feels like something you’ve washed 1000 times, while having the perfect fit. You should know me by now that I’m all about fit. I won’t wear it if it doesn’t fit well as I wrote […]

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New Orleans and the Summer Getaway

summer getaway tony trahan

New Orleans. Or better yet, N’awlinssss as the local people would say. What a place full of heritage, history, and French-Cajun culture… and a place for a summer getaway. My goodness, my, my goodness it’s like stepping foot on another planet where the people speak in long southern drawl’s found nowhere else in the country. But boy do they know how to have a good time. If you don’t know, half of my family are […]

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At the Indy 500 with Guess

Tony Trahan Guess Indy 500

The Indy 500. One of the few places where America comes alive, and takes a step back in time for a day, an experience unlike any other. As I alluded to in my previous post with Guess, it is truly a spectacle unlike any other. The day starts early, almost 400,000 people pour in the gates around 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning because how else are you going to get everyone else in? To […]

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Indy 500 x Guess

Woo woooooot I’ve been blessed enough to be here in Indianapolis for the 100th running of the Indy 500. It really is quite a treat to be here. I was last here 3 years ago and it was pretty rad as I was in the winners circle post-race with Tony Kanaan, talk about something that is unlike anything else. The Indy 500 is such a spectacle as you’ll never see any event like it. It’s […]

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