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How I Keep My Clothes Smelling Great, from Running Laps to Running Errands: In partnership with Downy

Being newly married, buying a house and moving to a new city – my days have been non-stop! One of the ways I stay grounded throughout all my big changes is to find time to run. I never know what my day will throw at me, and as soon as my run is over I often see a bunch of texts about needing to run errands with my wife or meet up with friends. As scheduled as I like to be, there I am, a post-run sweat monster, and no time to go home and change. I need to be able to adapt and be on the  ...

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Collaboration, Home, Lifestyle

Giveaway! Luxury Eyewear Storage with OYOBox

Hey y’all! This is a cool opportunity for you to win this brand new OYOBox, a luxury sunglasses holder that Axie and I both have in our house! When they approached me with the idea, I jumped at it, as everyone who has sunglasses all over their apartment, house, or car can use this. Check out the details for the giveaway below! Shop The Post They’re a young and vibrant company, major players like Neiman Marcus are already carrying OYOBox online! That says to me, a lot about the quality of  ...

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Men’s Wardrobe Essentials and Staples: How To Build a Closet

There are many men’s wardrobe essentials and very good closet I’ve ever seen or read about is one with very few items, but they all go together well. The idea here is to have items that you can mix and match with one another, and be able to pull off innumerable amounts of different looks. I’m going to show you my essentials below, with different items at 3 different price points. On a budget, Good Value, & Splurge If you think about the white oxford like I mentioned in  ...

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Summertime and the Perfect Leather Sandals

It’s hot. I’m sweating profusely in a cool climate-controlled apartment right now just thinking about it. And if we’re honest with ourselves, we can’t find a pool, beach, lake, or a puddle to go lay in quick enough. Summer is perfect for those summer getaways, just like the one Alexandria and I took and trips to the beach or lake are completely in order. In doing so there’s always one essential which stays in your weekender bag <—- (the Nordstrom Anniversary  ...

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