Last Minute Gifts with Jack Mason

Jack Mason Brand. A cool cool, LOCAL brand for me here in Dallas, and a creator of really, really great affordable watches. Most will run you  $150-300, with their best sellers like this one I’m wearing clocking in at a reasonable $165 and ON SALE! I had reached out to them because like most Dallas based start-ups, I want to know what’s going on in my city and support local brands. Let me say that […]

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The Every-Man Shawl Cardigan for Fall ft. Vince

España! So happy to bring you another post highlighting what seems just in time for Fall and Winter… the Shawl Cardigan. You’ve more than likely seen it before, if not… let Steve McQueen be your guide. I’m wearing this cardigan from Vince, which is cozy enough that your girlfriend is going to steal it as some point.. it’s inevitable. Every good sweater of mine seemingly ends up in my girlfriend, Axie’s closet at some point. […]

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Cozy Up for Fall with a Vince Sweater

Tony Vince Sweater Spain

Fall is here friends, and I return home from the greatest trip I have ever taken. We went to Spain and it was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. The way of life in another country has always intrigued me, especially throughout Europe. Life is so different elsewhere. From fresh squeezed orange juice on seemingly every corner, or the choice of coffee being relegated to espresso, latte, or cappuccino (no black coffee […]

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Topman and The Casual Summer

topman suede jacket

Fall is almost here and that means jacket season is almost here. I was lucky enough to take a trip too Cabo last month and some of the evenings I was able to wear this new Topman suede jacket.  Shop The Post The thing I love most about this jacket is not only the color, but the texture. I have to admit, this is my first suede piece of any substantial value, and this jacket […]

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Konstantino, Frescobol and friends in Cabo

Hello friends! How has your summer been? Mine has been terrific with partnerships with brands, to trips, it’s been fantastic. My apologies as I’ve been sick and in and out of town last week and hadn’t had a chance to get to these photos from Cabo yet, but here is my latest collaboration with jewelry from Konstantino and trunks and shirt from Frescobol Carioca! As I’ve covered earlier here, these are hands down the best trunks […]

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Summertime and The Linen Blazer that Saves Lives (pits)

Tony Trahan Linen Blazer

Summertime. We’re in the throngs of it, people, and it’s hot. There’s no need for wool suits and fabrics, but rather swap out your blazer for a linen blazer like this one. I spent the weekend at the lake and it was a scorcher, most days topping out at 100 degrees! New Orleans was no different, like the one my girlfriend Axie and I took and I detailed that one here for Stanley Korshak which has TONS […]

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Summertime and the Perfect Leather Sandals

tony trahan leather sandal hari mari

It’s hot. I’m sweating profusely in a cool climate-controlled apartment right now just thinking about it. And if we’re honest with ourselves, we can’t find a pool, beach, lake, or a puddle to go lay in quick enough. Summer is perfect for those summer getaways, just like the one Alexandria and I took and trips to the beach or lake are completely in order. In doing so there’s always one essential which stays in your weekender bag <—- (the Nordstrom Anniversary […]

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Moscot x Todd Snyder.. a Matchmade in Paradise

Tony Trahan Todd Snyder Moscot

One of the coolest parts about this blog is that I am able to not only post on menswear, but bring you items that I personally select, wear, and love. This Moscot x Todd Snyder collection of sunglasses is something special, combining two American brands to make 6 terrific pair of glasses. Todd Snyder is a brand that has been around for almost 5 years. It’s classically American with a strong focus on collaborations with […]

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