Affordable Suiting with Ryan Seacrest Distinction

Ryan Seacrest Distinction

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a great week. We recently partnered with the brand new Ryan Seacrest Distinction Collection for a summer look that you’ll be able to wear to weddings, the office, or out. When I was thinking of how to shoot this look, I thought of a unique place to shoot it. Axie and I’s wedding venue! We went to the Four Seasons yesterday for our wedding tasting (the food was unreal, cornbread croutons […]

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In the City with the lululemon City Slate Buttondown

Lululemon City Slate shirt

Hey there! As I alluded to in my post a week or two back, I have more to do with lululemon! Lululemon as I posted on earlier, is the one brand you will see the most of when you walk in my closet. It’s insane. I first started buying their workout gear, as it was a step above all the other brands out there. What’s funny now, is all of the big brands are copying the […]

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Giveaway! Luxury Eyewear Storage with OYOBox


Hey y’all! This is a cool opportunity for you to win this brand new OYOBox, a luxury sunglasses holder that Axie and I both have in our house! When they approached me with the idea, I jumped at it, as everyone who has sunglasses all over their apartment, house, or car can use this. Check out the details for the giveaway below! Shop The Post They’re a young and vibrant company, major players like Neiman Marcus […]

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No Sweat with the Lululemon Commission Short

Friends! What a crazy two weeks it has been. I’ve moved into a new house, have had wonderful things happening and just shot with Lululemon this week featuring the new Lululemon commission short! So fun fact, I actually worked at Lululemon a couple of years ago, so this collaboration was a blast for me personally, working with a brand that I believe a TON in. I am so happy to see that they’re with rewardStyle! Shop […]

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Re-Defined Luxury with Peter Millar

Peter Millar is re-defining itself as a brand. Long known for their upscale sportswear, it has recently built on that success and introduced a luxurious line.. named Collection. At first glance, you’d think it would be reserved for a luxury site like Mr. Porter because it’s so nice! As I move into my late 20’s, I have found a penchant for acquiring upscale sport-coats and building a wardobe around classic menswear pieces. Shop The Post Peter Millar […]

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The High End Suit Brand Every Guy Needs to Own

A high end suit is something every guy should have at the very minimum in my opinion, one of. I always tell guys that ask me, “if you had to pick quantity or quality, pick quality.” Put a different way, if I could have 3 different suits from a mid-tiered brand or a high end suit that will last a lifetime, give me the latter every time. Especially one that is in a rich navy […]

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A Gentlemans Evening with Canadian Club

Friends! Happy New Year to all. I rung in the new year and holiday season with a gathering of friends and a great whisky, Canadian Club. I didn’t know about it until we had it at our get together, but it goes well with anything you want to mix it with. We had a couple of drinks at the event, and I’ve included two recipes on them below for your next gathering. From being a […]

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Last Minute Gifts with Jack Mason

Jack Mason Brand. A cool cool, LOCAL brand for me here in Dallas, and a creator of really, really great affordable watches. Most will run you  $150-300, with their best sellers like this one I’m wearing clocking in at a reasonable $165 and ON SALE! I had reached out to them because like most Dallas based start-ups, I want to know what’s going on in my city and support local brands. Let me say that […]

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