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Dressing Up Wingtips with the ECCO Vitrus I Wingtip Tie

Hi friends! We’ve been so so busy lately, we just celebrated our wedding anniversary (woohoo!) and are so excited for the weather to turn cool. The thing we both love about cold weather is all of the different styles and layers that accommodate the seasons. With that in mind, I partnered with ECCO to bring you guys a great, versatile way to wear their new ECCO VITRUS I Wingtip Tie!

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I love a good wingtip shoe. It’s hard however to find one that’s versatile enough to pair with a suit or sportcoat, and just as easily with a pair of good denim. Wingtips fall under the men’s shoe category called a “brogue”. A quick history lesson, brogues were shoes originally worn in the highlands of Scotland and had holes punched in them to allow water to pass through and out easily. Wingtips are a more pronounced version of this “brogue” category, and a little less formal than a typical brogue.

But here’s the great thing with the ECCO VITRUS I Wingtip Tie, they can be worn easily with either. And one of the bonuses about this shoe, they have a lightweight polyurethane sole and ECCO’s famous (at least famous in my eyes because they’re so comfortable!) comfort construction thanks to their FLUIDFORM™ Technology which balances cushioning and rebound. The tanning on the shoe is beautiful, it has a really refined polish on it and part of that reason is that ECCO tans all of its own leather. This model is made with calf crust leather which has been hand-dyed to give it a beautiful finish.

For work, I wind up travelling a ton, and this is one of my go-to looks for meetings. A sportcoat, slacks, and a great pair of shoes. I am so excited that it’s getting cold, ready for more looks like this and all of the great overcoats!

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