Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018: His & Hers

I wanted to post this lovely post from my sweet wife, as we re-faced her blog and it has a fresh, new look! I love that we’re able to do this together, but I wanted to post on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that is in full swing as to a His and Hers post. She did the full write up here, but here are all of the goods from the sale!

Hi friends! As promised, I have been working on a his & hers post about the Nordstrom Anniversary SALE with my hubby, author of The Subtle Things men’s blog! We combed through the sale this weekend and picked out some super fun pieces that we ended up putting into two different categories: Athletic and Date Night. All of the items are super versatile so you will be able to wear them over and over, all season long!


I would love to say that I work out all the time and eat super healthy, but the truth is, that’s more my hubby than me. He is the healthy fitness guru of the household. I usually prefer to go out to eat whereas he loves to cook at home because we can keep it healthier. Which leads me to this post! I have pulled some looks for those nights when we get to go out to dinner or to a movie and have a fun date night, and I also have some items for the day after when the gym or yoga calls!


We are pretty good at keeping one day a week reserved for our date nights together but let’s be honest, sometimes we are both super tired from our busy schedules and lounging on the couch watching a movie in sweats sounds so nice to us both. Date night is usually pretty spontaneous in our household. Sometimes we will wander into downtown Dallas to try a new restaurant or to hit up a favorite spot of ours. We have a range of items that are more casual for those spontaneous dates or looks that can be spruced up for a night on the town.

Her night out:

His night out:

Her casual look #1:

Her casual look #2:

His casual look:

Tony is a bigger gym person than myself. I prefer a good yoga class or a nice walk with our pup. I got lucky though because hubs really enjoys yoga class with me which is super fun. Nowadays, the “athleisure” trend is so huge that a lot of these pieces can double as daywear as well as for fitness classes.

Her athleisure look #1:

Her athleisure look #2:

His athleisure look #1:

His athleisure look #2:

As always, thank yall for stopping by and checking out the post! For more clothing inspiration, head on over to my Shop page and browse the boutique. Let me know in the comments if yall have any other finds from the sale that yall are loving!

Until next time,
Xx, Axie Aleece


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