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My Must-Have Tips for Keeping Date Night Fresh & Fun (in partnership with Downy)

My wife Axie and I love to do everything together, and one thing that has been important to us is keeping up with a regular date night. It’s especially important when I’m traveling all of the time!

For those special nights out, we love to eat great food, and do something active or outdoors. The problem is that going out to eat can smell up your clothes, and doing those activities tend to work up a sweat. So if I ever want to get close at the end of the night, my chances are SLIM if I don’t smell great. That’s why I’ve partnered with Downy to share my top tips on how to make your date super fun and stay smelling great for whatever adventure the night takes you in.

  1. Prep your outfit

What’s my secret to a great smelling date – well here it is: Downy Fresh Protect In-Wash Odor Shield Beads! It’s a super easy way to prep your outfit: you put in your detergent as directed, then add Downy Fresh Protect straight into the drum (no need to wait for the rinse cycle!) and let it go to work. I love that is it has 24-hour protection to keep out smoky Mexican food and a few swings in the batting cages.

  1. Go easy on the products

You could go nuts on cologne, hair products, body spray, body wash, there are a LOT of scents going on. When you use Downy, you don’t need to overwork your scents – because you smell great. So go light and easy.

  1. Pick a restaurant with high energy and food to share

Being in Texas, there is no shortage of Mexican food restaurants seemingly on every corner. We’re talkin’ fajitas, queso, guacamole. The sizzle of them makes every Texan get excited! I love heading downtown to one of our favorite restaurants in Dallas, Iron Cactus, and meeting up for happy hour and great food. Talk about wanting to keep smokey Mexican food and activity smell off of your clothes—Downy Fresh Protect beads does the trick!

  1. Do an activity you can teach

One of my favorite date night places to go in Dallas is Top Golf! It’s a lot of fun, active, and a great way to get close by helping Axie with her swing. Sure it’s cheesy, but it WORKS. Showing her that something you know can draw you closer together in every way.

Thanks to Downy, I can get close during the night and at the end of the night knowing my clothes smell as fresh as they did out of the washing machine. It works so well that I don’t even head to my laundry hamper at the end of the night… I head straight to my closet.

Give it a try next time you’re out shopping and add it to your own laundry routine – your other half will thank you!



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