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This Valentine’s Day: Chivalry is Shared

This Valentine’s Day, I partnered with ProFlowers to show how my wife and I are making this year’s Valentine’s Day special! Did y’all know that according to a 2016 study, 64% of men said “I love you” first? A lot of times in relationships, men take the lead on everything. Axie and I’s relationship is no different, I try and lead her well in everything, and be the leader of our family. BUT, more recently in our culture with the women empowerment movement and everything else going on, it’s OKAY to make the first move for your guy!

I know girls everywhere play the hardball thing, Axie and I hear it from her friends all the time. They don’t want to text him back, they don’t want to say “yes” to hanging out all of the time. Well, I’m here to tell you that if you like a guy, make the first move and go for it! That’s why their whole campaign is built around the idea that Chivalry is Shared. Our duty as gentlemen is to always make our lady feel loved and special, but I know some guys out there love when the favor is returned.

This year, Pro Flowers is bringing a curated men’s collection to their site, and we chose the coolest Peace Lily from it! We love house plants and putting them everywhere (I had them everywhere in my old apartment) by our record player, by our windows, on side tables, anywhere! We’re really loving decorating our new home and special gifts like these make our house a home. So for the guys in your life, y’all go check out ProFlowers and their men’s gifts!


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