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How I Keep My Clothes Smelling Great, from Running Laps to Running Errands: In partnership with Downy

Being newly married, buying a house and moving to a new city – my days have been non-stop! One of the ways I stay grounded throughout all my big changes is to find time to run. I never know what my day will throw at me, and as soon as my run is over I often see a bunch of texts about needing to run errands with my wife or meet up with friends. As scheduled as I like to be, there I am, a post-run sweat monster, and no time to go home and change. I need to be able to adapt and be on the move.

I’d never forget putting on deodorant when I leave the house for the day and especially before a run-and now I do the same for my clothes. Lots of brands have been jumping on the “anti-stink” craze, but the only sure way to protect yourself is using Downy Fresh Protect In-Wash Odor Shield Beads-it’s like deodorant for your clothes with 24-hour odor protection, so I can run hard but smell like I didn’t.

We just started using it (it smells amazing!) and we love how easy it is to use: you put in your detergent as directed, then add Downy Fresh Protect straight into the drum (no need to wait for the rinse cycle!) and let it go to work. Just like the original Downy Liquid Fabric Conditioner (with the pink cap!) that everyone loves, this stuff is magic.

The last thing I want to do is have to run home and change clothes or shower or be worrying about what my clothes smell like. Now if I’m short on time, I can head straight from my run to brunch, errands, or wherever else the day takes me in this new city.

When it comes to your workout gear, Downy Fresh Protect is a laundry game-changer-for real. Check out my new workout routine below, and next time you’re in the store, grab some Downy and put it to the test for yourself!


  • Warm Up: 2-mile run (I’m trying to get better at long distance!
  • Abs series:
    • 50 Crunches
    • 5 sets x20 mountain climbers
    • 3 sets x20 V-ups
    • 3 sets x50 Russian Twists
  • Stadium Stair Sprints (1 foot each step)
    • Sprint up the length of your local stadium and jog down the adjoining stairs
    • Jog over to the next set, then repeat the sprint
    • Repeat this 8 times
    • Rest 2 minutes
    • Repeat 5 times

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