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Making Our Home Cozy with Framebridge

Hey y’all! We partnered with Framebridge to warm up our home and FINALLY print some of our favorite wedding pictures! Quick not, if you use the code TonyTFrames you’ll get 15% off of your first order! But anyways, we’ve been wanting to print out wedding photos for some time now, and had been looking around everywhere from champagne colored frames that would match the transitional style of our home. Well, leave it to Axie to find the most beautiful frames that fit right in! The cool thing about Framebridge is they make it super easy on you in terms of what size your home needs. Simply measure your space (ours was 70″ wide) that you want to fill, figure out how much spacing you want in between them, and then pick your size! Framebridge is so great about having almost every single size or inch difference to where you can be exact with the size you need. I think for ours we wound up doing 25″ by 16.67″ which was perfect for us. 

The plethora of frames they have available really makes it fun when turning your photos to hangable art. And the process is so easy. Just upload your photos online and they’ll suggest what frame sizes your photo’s resolution can handle. The higher quality the photo obviously, the larger the frame. But their frames fall into 4 categories by size, small, medium, large and extra large. They are very very reasonable prices especially considering all of the custom framing shops that will want to overcharge you! But for us, it was the easiest way to find great frames we love, and bring our photos to life. And plus, they look so beautiful in our home! We’ll definitely be doing more considering how easy the process was.

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