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Christmas Gifting ft. Banana Republic!

Hi friends! The holidays are FAST approaching and we’re off to Park City this weekend to celebrate the Christmas season! Part of the Christmas season I enjoy the most is the togetherness of being with family and friends we love, and sharing that special time together. I remember a time when I was at Rutgers playing football my Freshman season, and during the season for Thanksgiving, you don’t get a ton of time off. Practices, games, you’re in the full swing of things. But I do remember right around Thanksgiving and Christmas, I had a friend playing at Temple University, and we came together even though we weren’t all family and shared part of the holiday season together. I love that and how each Holiday season is unique.

I recently worked with Banana Republic on a post and look around holiday themed dressing you can wear to any holiday party. I absolutely admire what they are doing with their suiting cuts, offering a slim and standard cut for the guy of any size. The suit can be worn to any holiday party AND dressed up accordingly to the office. You could argue that you could wear this look just as easily to the office as you could to a get together!

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Also, you can’t forget the cold weather accessories. As the weather turns, so too should your accessories. A scarf (that my wife has now claimed) is something that makes dressing fun, and a it’s a great way to inject some personality into your dressing. And not to be outdone, the leather gloves I have on are a great stocking stuffer and something any guy will appreciate. I hope you all have a great holiday season and hope you’ll follow along on our trip this weekend to Park City!


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