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Turtlenecks and Family Holidays

Fall is finally, finally here in Dallas. We went to our family ranch last week for the holidays and love spending time there. We get to hunt, fellowship and have an all-around great time. Many of y’all will travel this holiday season, I really love turtlenecks as the temps drop, and this is another creative way to find a way to wear them.

Not only is it a cool way wear it, but it’s another way to get warmth and layer up in winter. As you’ll see in lots of my coming posts, I love, love them and find ways to incorporate them in.

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ALSO! I’m a big fan of elbow shirts in the right circumstances. Being out in the wilderness or at a ranch I feel like lends itself really well to them. I have a couple of these types of shirts and love the history behind them. During WWI, soldiers sewed these on to stay warm and to reinforce the fabric so it wouldn’t tear during European winters. From there, our English counterparts brought them into tweed suiting, and Ivy leaguers later on and then Thom Browne picked them up in his collections. I love the history and function of menswear stuff.

And one last note, I got these killer hiking boots/do everything boots from Ridgemont actually while on one of my latest jobs for Hari Mari (these boots are similar)! Love the good people over there, this was part of our shoot and I could not stop wearing them. They’ll come everywhere with me from the Ranch to Park City this week!

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