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I travel a lot for work. Like a lot, ask my wife. One of the things in my line of work that is necessary is having a good smart business casual wardrobe. This means an abundance of sport-coats, dress shirts, slacks, trousers, wingtips, etc. More days than not, I find myself going to the basic staples of every man’s closet when I’m heading elsewhere.

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Nordstrom for years has had an array of menswear and workwear, and it’s all affordable upscale fashion. Nordstrom for me and the brands they carry has been that perfect out of college upscale affordable store I can stock up from. A navy blazer easily is one of the best things to have in your closet guys, it elevates your attire instantly and can be dressed down just as easily as up.

As the calendar turns, I love pairing the fall/winter fabrics that are prevalent in menswear. I often wished I lived in London or NYC just so I could wear the heavier fabrics more often. But alas, I’m in Texas where we’ve put our roots down and made a home! Anyways, for the fall, try these tweed fabrics or a flannel for the colder days ahead. Mixing and matching is fun, and quite easy if you stick to the basics.

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