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Accenting with Z Gallerie

Hi friends! I’m. Married. What!!! How exciting is that? It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, with lots of travel and barely missing natural disasters, and lots happening. But part of getting back home and into the swing of married life is building our home. Not on the outside, but on the inside. We partnered with Z Gallerie to add decor to our home, which is so exciting! There, of course, are the big things you have to buy: couch, tables, chairs, bed, etc. But the most fun (my wife can attest to this) is adding the little things that make it feel like home. The personal touches. Z Gallerie has an array of just that, things that make your home feel like…home. They recently came out with the new Fall collection, Falling for Fall. We got a houseful! From this vase with the beautiful flowers in it to our little accent pumpkins, we made out like bandits. Plus, one of our favorite art pieces is now ours, which we’re ecstatic about! It’s the one we put above the fireplace and it has a beautiful raised beaded glitter on it. It’s almost as if the painting is dripping, but goes with our whole living room so well. I know what you’re thinking, I being the man of the house picked out the glitter painting. And well, you’re right, I love it!

We wanted not the typical Fall decor, so these pumpkins helped spruce up our living room and breakfast nook! We’ve gone with a transitional pretty homey type home, so everything from Z Gallerie works perfectly. We were looking for something a little different in our nook, and these chargers were AMAZING and make our dinner come to life. We have a lot of mixed metals in our house that we’re starting to play with including the base of the table, so it matched perfectly. My wife did a great job picking out all of this and having it flow together for our little space. We wanted to add so many things that were unique and fit our style and found some great finds. They have so many new items here for Fall, so head over and check out what they have! We’ll be stocking up for the Holidays, that’s for sure. More to come later!

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