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The New Legacy West Tommy Bahama Store Opens!

The new Legacy West Tommy Bahama store has opened and we were there to celebrate with friends! It’s a beautiful store, and also adjacent to it, is one of their famed restaurants. There are only 18 of them in the world, so we can consider ourselves lucky! We had a sneak peak of the food and holy moly it was AMAZING.

Tommy Bahama is a brand that is synonymous with summer and beach style, but they recently revamped their fits and styles, which is injecting the brand with much-appreciated (for me!) youth and great fitting clothes. And as I’ve written before, I’m a guy that cares about fit and clothes and I loved this look I got from there! I’m a fan of layering sweaters and shirts, and there’s a way to do it in a way that feels effortless. This sweater was actually on sale, and these shorts are officially my favorite in my closet. Shorts for me being tall and all, are always a problem. The 9″ inseam you see everywhere look like a European speedo. Suffice to say, these nail it.

They not only have great casual shorts and pants, but also shirts AND short sleeve fitted shirts that are right for anyone my age looking for a good fit. It’s the updated Tommy Bahama, and their newest gem is on show in all its glory. Go check out the new Legacy West Tommy Bahama, you’ll be glad you did!

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