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Affordable Suiting with Ryan Seacrest Distinction

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a great week. We recently partnered with the brand new Ryan Seacrest Distinction Collection for a summer look that you’ll be able to wear to weddings, the office, or out. When I was thinking of how to shoot this look, I thought of a unique place to shoot it. Axie and I’s wedding venue! We went to the Four Seasons yesterday for our wedding tasting (the food was unreal, cornbread croutons people) and we decided we had to dress up for the event. This was a special day that we both won’t forget. And speaking of, there’s a bonus picture at the bottom of both of us that a sweet lady took of us while we were shooting! But anyways, on to the clothes.

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Affordability without the boxiness of your typical suits at that price point. That’s what comes to mind when I first saw this collection. Being a bigger, masculine guy, I tend to favor silhouettes that complement that, and the Ryan Seacrest Distinction suits do just that. Ryan to me has been a leader in men’s dressing for years, the guy knows how to pull himself together and look fantastic. It’s a no brainer that he’s forayed into menswear. But he’s done it in a cool way that lets people get in to the slimmer and fashionable patterns such as this amazing Grey Windowpane suit at a price that is hard to beat. I’m a big fan of patterned suits, as long as they are classic menswear patterns and all of his suits fit that narrative.

And for guys that have trouble pulling looks together, they have done THE COOLEST MOST FOOLPROOF THING ever. Seriously. A lot of guys I talk to say, “I have no idea what goes with what” or “how do I mix a jacket and trousers?”. Well, here’s what they’ve done. From the website:

Jackets, pants, shirts, and ties are labeled with the number of the color group they match, creating a perfectly coordinated look.

Simply match by number, grab and go and you’ll always look great.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction

Cool right? So next time you’re out and wondering what goes with what, they’ve got you covered. And expanding their collection, they have lots of great shirts that are at a terrific price (on sale right now) under $30! When you’re building a wardrobe for the office or for life and don’t want to break the bank but look good, check out the collection. For more from them, go check out their Instagram @seacreststyle and use the hashtag #Distinction to see more! Note: I received compensation for this post on the Ryan Seacrest Distinction collection, but views are solely my own and I do not work with brands that I don’t believe in!

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