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Giveaway! Luxury Eyewear Storage with OYOBox

Hey y’all! This is a cool opportunity for you to win this brand new OYOBox, a luxury sunglasses holder that Axie and I both have in our house! When they approached me with the idea, I jumped at it, as everyone who has sunglasses all over their apartment, house, or car can use this. Check out the details for the giveaway below!

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They’re a young and vibrant company, major players like Neiman Marcus are already carrying OYOBox online! That says to me, a lot about the quality of the brand and the product. But anyways, we have a bajillion pairs of sunnies, and we need somewhere to store them as opposed to losing them in our car, or Axie having them in a purse that she doesn’t use… you get the picture. All your sunglasses, in a smart “box” that looks stylish in your home. They have tons of different styles, including exotic woods like this OYOBox!

We personally have a bunch of different sunglasses because we’re fickle and like to change it up. If that’s you? Then this luxury box is for you! We keep ours in our home, because it’s stylish enough to fit right in with any decor. If you’ve paid good money for your sunglasses, then my thought is why hide them? But as I mentioned above, this is a cool giveaway, allowing y’all to win this White OYOBox! Here’s how you win:

1. Follow @OYOBox on Instagram
2. Follow me, @tony_trahan on Instagram
3. Tag a friend on the Instagram post on 5/3/17
4. Winner must live in the U.S.
5. Winner will be announced on 5/10 via my Instagram!
Good luck to all of you!
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