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The High End Suit Brand Every Guy Needs to Own

A high end suit is something every guy should have at the very minimum in my opinion, one of. I always tell guys that ask me, “if you had to pick quantity or quality, pick quality.” Put a different way, if I could have 3 different suits from a mid-tiered brand or a high end suit that will last a lifetime, give me the latter every time. Especially one that is in a rich navy hue. There’s one company in particular who I have been fond of for quite some time, and that brand is Canali. You can typically find Canali stores in high end shopping centers, or as a brand inside some of the larger upscale department stores like Neiman Marcus.

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200 Steps. Thats how many steps go into the creation of their high-quality suits. The same cant be said for some of the chain stores youll find in your city. You can be sure that the care and creation of the suit is of the highest standard. I was able to stop into our local Canali in NorthPark Center (its amazing, I go in too often) and see some of their current line. You’ll be sure to find jackets that feel like a dream. The made in Italy thing is very real guys, there’s a different standard and meticulous crafting of the jacket or pants when it’s done over there.

If you wanted my opinion, (which maybe you do!) don’t rush. What do I mean by that? Don’t rush out to go fill out your wardrobe with a million suits just to have them. Get one that will LAST you and one that you’ll be happy you have 30 years later, like one from Canali.

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