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Designing Your First Living Room

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Guys we have some exciting news that I cannot wait to share with you all, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! It is so amazing, everything we ever could have asked for, and then like times a million.  Knowing that I’m getting married later this year, Axie and I will be designing our first living room together in our home and there are a ton of great design sites and inspiration to pull from. As a guy, there’s nothing wrong with having a superbly decorated living room, as it’s the hub of your home. For us, we’ve decided to go with a modern-transitional type home, which we are both so excited about! There are a lot of great sites out there for inspiration, we love: Anthrolpologie, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Target StyleJoss & Main. APT2B, Wayfair, Restoration Hardware, Hayneedle, & West Elm. So get ready to see us posting a TON of home stuff.

Between those links and Pinterest, it’s like having your own interior designer. So we’re going to try and help you with designing your first living room (it’s really probably more help for me!)

Sofa Shop

The Sofa

The most important things in a living room to me are the two biggest pieces.. the sofa, and the accent or statement chair. The Sofa is the biggest and most important piece of furniture in your house in my opinion. It’s where you spend most of your time lounging, enjoying time together with loved ones. We have a sectional that we love, we’re just starting to figure out where to put everything, and get a list of what we want to buy. Designing your first living room can be hard, but make sure you make a list. Whether sectional or sofa, just make sure it’s COZY. We had a brief fling with “The Cloud” from RH, but realized quickly that,

A. I’m not balling yet, and

B. That would be silly to say, sure take $5,000 of my money for a couch

But there are really great online sites like the one’s I mentioned above that we’re looking at. If the room can handle it, go for a sectional. If not, get a cozy couch and make sure you get also what my second point is below!

Chair Shop

The Chair

The chair is one of the most fun things to shop for. Below, I’ve put 4 together that I like, and obviously pick whichever color goes with the vibe of your place. We are more than likely going to go with a dark leather oversized chair, to go with our fabric couch! We definitely are mixing patterns and I feel like just like with menswear patterns.. it should be encouraged. It’s very early in our shopping days (we went shopping today), but I think this is the leader for us at the moment. Chairs are a reflection of your personality, and you can choose a 70’s style lounge chair from West Elm, or a pop of color like one from Anthrolpologie, or something classic like one from Pottery Barn.

All in all, you have to find what works for you and the space you’re in.. and also what your partner wants in a room. It has been fun with us starting to shop and build a home that will eventually house little kids and many memories in. I’m looking forward to the next 5-6 months of all of this!

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