Banana Republic – ” What Moves You”

What moves you? That’s the question I was posed when I worked with Banana Republic on their latest campaign. Banana Republic does an incredible job of taking people just like you and I, and bringing them into telling the story of their brand. For the #BRMovesYou campaign, they wanted me to ask you all.. what moves you? Here’s the beauty of some of their clothing from Spring/Summer… it MOVES! I’m talking, you can go run in their suiting, and it’s great for on-the-go travel.

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I travel quite a bit for work, and as my fiancee would tell you, I cut flights short. With that being said, I have been caught SPRINTING to my flight and this suit would come in handy for just those days. I’m an athlete (or at least in a former life), so I can appreciate a fabric that stretches and can move with me. This is a suit that is a perfect color for spring. Here are the pants if you wanted to get them by themselves.  It even could be great for a summer wedding.

One thing that also gets overlooked when men wear suits is a topcoat or overcoat. I had another post this fall on a different style of coat, and they are the perfect layer to keep you warm but also dressed up. This coat can be worn just as easy with a suit as it can with a t-shirt and pair of sneakers. And it all stretches! But on top of what I have on, see for yourself what they have over at Banana.. their suiting is AMAZING.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!

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