A Gentlemans Evening with Canadian Club

Friends! Happy New Year to all. I rung in the new year and holiday season with a gathering of friends and a great whisky, Canadian Club. I didn’t know about it until we had it at our get together, but it goes well with anything you want to mix it with. We had a couple of drinks at the event, and I’ve included two recipes on them below for your next gathering. From being a bartender years ago, I could appreciate a well-crafted cocktail.

Canadian Club is from Canada (naturally) and their rye has vanilla-y and wood notes that pair well with any good whisky. Fun fact, this rye has been in the making for over 60 years! But they were generous enough to partner with me in hosting this cool night at The Gents Place, a cool old-school updated barbershop where guys can go to get a cut, shave, or chill out. It was a killer place, with just the right mood for a pairing with a great whisky. I had old friends and new join me, and it was a cool evening as I had never had a close-razor shave before. It felt FANTASTIC. Guys, you’ve got to get one. But all in all, what made the night enjoyable were great friends, a great location and of course, a great drink.

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Golden Rye (From Luke Farley, Milwaukee, WI)


1 1/2 parts Canadian Club® 100% Rye

1/2 part Ancho Reyes® Ancho Chile Liqueur

3/4 part Honey Vanilla Syrup

3/4 part Fresh Lemon Juice

Muddled Raspberries

2 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Expressed Lemon Peel

Method: Muddle three raspberries and all ingredients in a cocktail shaker; shake vigorously. Double strain into cocktail glass over ice and express the lemon peel over drink.

Rye’d N Dirty (From Austin Foster, Wauwatosa, WI)


1 1/2 parts Canadian Club® 100% Rye

1 part Ancho Reyes® Ancho Chile Liqueur

3/4 part Fresh Lemon Juice

1/2 part Simple Syrup

Method: Shake all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into a coup glass. Top with two dashes of Angostura bitters.


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