The Right Shoe for New Years Eve ft. Hadleigh’s

New Year’s Eve. A time for reflection, preparation, and… parties. As a guy dressing up for parties can be a bit overwhelming, with girls in their best heels and dresses. As guys, we’ve got to match em’. One way to up your style is by pairing it with something classic… a smoking slipper from Hadleigh’s.

Being from Dallas, I love to see great Dallas based retailers doing things in the menswear space and the team from Hadleigh’s in Highland Park Village is no different. One thing they’re known for is their smoking slipper, which is truly perfect for New Year’s Eve. It comes in all sorts of colors, and they’re more or less a collectors item in Dallas. I for one, am headed to central Texas with my family and soon to be in-laws, so there will be no fancy dressing for me… but this would be my go to look if I were in town for a party.

Hadleigh’s has everything from suits, shirts, a huge ready-to-wear section, and of course their signature slipper. It’s something that should be in your wardrobe, as a change up to formal dressing, holiday dressing, or dressing them down. For guys my age, it’s easy to weave this in and have an air of elegance in your look.

I’ve got a wedding coming up and these MOST CERTAINLY will be wearing these for them. Go check them out in Dallas at Highland Park Village and say hello to the good people at Hadleigh’s. Happy Holidays friends, stay safe and I’ll see you in the new year!

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