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Last Minute Gifts with Jack Mason

Jack Mason Brand. A cool cool, LOCAL brand for me here in Dallas, and a creator of really, really great affordable watches. Most will run you  $150-300, with their best sellers like this one I’m wearing clocking in at a reasonable $165 and ON SALE! I had reached out to them because like most Dallas based start-ups, I want to know what’s going on in my city and support local brands. Let me say that I’m not doing them a favor here, I genuinely love the brand. They focus on quality and have the subtle details that guys like in watches, (HAHA you get it? like the subtle things? like my blog?!) no really though, their product is great.

Their aviator collection like the blue band one I’m wearing has details of airplane speedometers, the new racing series of theirs has a leather watch strap modeled after an old-racing steering wheel. Plainly put, they’re awesome. And great people. I personally got to meet the founder, Michael and his team at Jack Mason, and they’re all doing really great things.

Shop The Brand and Watches

The great thing about their brand like I mentioned since Christmas is officially HERE, is that it’s a perfect last minute gift for the guy in your life. My personal favorite and go-to is this one by Jack Mason, but you can’t go wrong with the classic casual leather strap ones. Plus, a couple of their watch faces are interchangeable, allowing you to collect multiple bands and wear whichever you’re feeling like on a given day. I dig it.

Also in shooting these pictures, my friend and tremendous photographer Jake Toler and I went to their office in Deep Ellum because I fell in love with their decor. He really is brilliant and had the opportunity to work with him and really just get to hang with him for a day. Great dude. Also, I got to play around a little bit with my new(!) camera from Sony and I love it. If you guys have questions on what I typically use to shoot, this is it. It’s a great camera. But anyways, I’l have a couple more posts this week on how to pack for a holiday getaway with the family, and more!

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tony trahan jack mason brand

tony trahan jack mason brand




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