Styling Bold Colored Pants in the Fall– ft. a Friendly Blogger!

Friends! How are you? I’m back in Dallas finally and met up with my friend and fellow blogger John Philp (known as the The Risky Jackal) and also fantastic photographer to shoot a cool story on these bold colored pants, the AG Graduate SUD Slim Straight Pants from Nordstrom. You guys really should go check him out and his compliment post to mine, he’s a great dude and has a great blog! We wanted to show you guys how in the fall to style a pant or color, that seemingly is everywhere…. orange/rust/whateveryouwanttocallit. What you’ll notice is that we both kept the rest of our outfit neutral. I think as a guy that’s crucial because we don’t want to be peacocking, looking like we’re trying too hard.


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I love these pants. AG is a brand that is known for being super soft and caters to a more slim-straight fit. I’m no fan of the super skinny pants we’re finally getting rid of in the menswear sphere, but these are just right. I think the piece that I’ve put it with, the turtleneck, is one that can be essential for layering this fall no matter where you live. I really dig turtlenecks (girlfriend hates them) but as long as you don’t wear them on their own I think they look fantastic. I’ve seen them under shirts, other sweaters, or under leather jackets. It instantly elevates the whole look. But the key here with bold colored pants, or a sweater is to keep the rest of the look muted.

This timepiece from Jack Mason Brand is a FANTASTIC holiday gift and one I’d be overly excited to receive come holiday season. They have watches for both men and women (price point ($150-$350 for majority), and are a local Dallas brand that is absolutely blowing up. I’ll have a cool story/collaboration with them coming up where I’ll show you guys a bit more, but I love this one. A stainless steel watch is one you can dress up or down, and the guys and gals over at Jack Mason hit on all the right notes with attention to detail. More on that later…

I must admit, while Axie and I were in Spain, I picked up this jacket from Massimo Dutti when it was on sale and I LOVE it. Express has one very similar, as does J.Crew and is a good changeup to the endless sea of black and navy coats you’re going to see over the next 4 months. This is one I’ll be grabbing for all winter. Hope you guys enjoyed, make sure you go check out John’s post when it’s live and stay tuned to his blog for more great content!

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