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Stepping into Fall in Spain with Theory

Friends, friends, I don’t know where you are but for us in Texas it’s finally beginning to turn to fall. Which means it’s time for sweaters, polos, and all things long sleeved. Cardigans, overcoats, the things that make me and the fashion world happy. I finally was able to get my sleep back in order, and have loads of things to share with you all from Spain. This day was in Sevilla, a quaint little city just east of the Pacific Ocean in Spain. It was a dream-like town. Cobblestone everywhere, a massive cathedral, and friendly people. It was a touch cool throughout the day, which led to my choice of this Theory polo sweater. (THEY HAVE A 70% OFF MEN’S SAMPLE SALE GOING ON NOW!) It’s the perfect time of year for it, and is a good change up to your staple of casual and dress shirts you most assuredly have in your closet. Theory has some really great things for a man’s wardrobe.

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Suede is a staple for fall, and these sneakers from Vince are the perfect ones for your closet. I loved walking around in them all day and they were super comfortable. Try mixing them with trousers or dark jeans for fall. Speaking of dark jeans, these Hudson ones I have are on SALE!  But a little more about Sevilla, the town has the most charming back streets, alleyways and architecture. We got to explore the Royal Alcazar Garden which is a MUST STOP for anyone going there. It was incredible to explore a new country and world that is so foreign to the States. I am absolutely itching to go back. Looking forward to sharing more with you guys on our trip!


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theory menswear

theory menswear

theory menswear

theory menswear

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