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One Shirt Three Ways: Vince Video


Friends! How are we doing? I teamed up with Calvin Vondara on this project, one shirt three ways, and you’ll be seeing more of his work. The dude is uber-talented at creating videos and I wanted to figure out a way to get you all more content, but more relatable and the kind where I could give you my voice. This first video is in collaboration with Vince, and I wanted to show you an inventive way to wear your patterned shirts as summer comes to a close.

Patterned shirts have been a go to of mine this summer, and I think every guy should have a few in his wardrobe. Too often though we’re caught out, wearing the shirt the same way over and over. But I’m here to tell you (and show you) that you can even wear it under a suit! So check out our video, I recorded a personal lead in to it originally, but felt like it was a disaster haha! But not to worry, I’ll be doing more true vlogging in collaboration with Calvin and over on youtube. So make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter to keep up with all of my happenings!

Let me know what content you guys like and if you like this type of thing! Do you want more types of thins, one shirt thee ways, or one pair of shoes three ways? Let me know and drop me a line!

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