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Konstantino, Frescobol and friends in Cabo

Hello friends! How has your summer been? Mine has been terrific with partnerships with brands, to trips, it’s been fantastic. My apologies as I’ve been sick and in and out of town last week and hadn’t had a chance to get to these photos from Cabo yet, but here is my latest collaboration with jewelry from Konstantino and trunks and shirt from¬†Frescobol Carioca!

As I’ve covered earlier here, these are hands down the best trunks for summer.. bar none. I love the patterns, they’re uber comfortable, and you can go from beach to dinner no sweat. These trunks from Frescobol Carioca are AWESOME. But I also want to highlight a company you may or may not know about, Konstantino. This pendant necklace combo¬†from them is one of my favorites. They have an array of different items, including some killer rings.

Konstantino is a cool company in the world of men’s and women’s jewelry. They focus on the rich history of Greek culture and many of their pieces pay homage to that. In the world of jewelry often looking the same from brand to brand, they stand out. Go to Nordstrom and you’ll notice them right off the bat in a jewelry case. I love their use of gold/bronze/silver in their pieces and they have a plethora of rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. There really is nothing they don’t have.

This trip was wonderful and there’s no better brands than these two to outfit your next summer vacation than Konstantino and Frescobol Carioca.

Thanks for stopping by, check back Wednesday for a special collaboration with Vince and my first video!

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