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Summertime and The Linen Blazer that Saves Lives (pits)

Summertime. We’re in the throngs of it, people, and it’s hot. There’s no need for wool suits and fabrics, but rather swap out your blazer for a linen blazer like this one. I spent the weekend at the lake and it was a scorcher, most days topping out at 100 degrees! New Orleans was no different, like the one my girlfriend Axie and I took and I detailed that one here for Stanley Korshak which has TONS of incredible clothes. We stayed in the coolest hotel and I wrote up on that here!

But the linen blazer is perfect for weddings, summer parties, dress up functions that require “business casual” ( <—hmm I need to do a post on this in the future, most men don’t understand it… I will in the future). I love it. I decided to pair it with white jeans which are synonymous with summer, and every guy can pull them off. Guys are just straight terrified of them. And the shirt and tie combination has many men perplexed as well, I wrote up on how to mix and match patterns here which helps men crack the code. My shirt actually has a micro gingham pattern on it, and I stuck with the rule of mixing big with small.

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I would wear this to just about anything this summer. The cool thing about a linen blazer is it’s okay to get a bit wrinkled, unlike wool blazers that are meant to be rigid and dressy. It also doesn’t make you sweat NEARLY as much as a wool one. The linen blazer can be dressed down down just as easily as up. I thought I’d pair them with these Cole Haan sneakers that I seemingly adorn every outfit with, they’re just so dang versatile and dressy enough to anchor an outfit like this. Speaking of sneakers, if you don’t have a white pair, check out my post here on why you need them.

Hope you guys like it, it’s tough dressing up in the summer. Head back to my blog this week for more content from New Orleans, and a post on the other hotel we stayed out while we were in NOLA!

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Tony Trahan linen blazer

Tony Trahan Linen Blazer Stanley Korshak

Tony Trahan Linen Blazer Stanley Korshak


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