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Men’s Sunglasses Under $50: 15 Pairs For The Beach or Lake This July 4th Weekend

Men’s Sunglasses Under 50 Bucks

It’s almost the 4th of July! Can you believe it? The year is flying by. I decided to round up the best men’s sunglasses under $50 as I think they are PERFECT for the lake, beach, pond, whatever body of water you’ll potentially flock to. See these are great for me and I’ve gotten some requests to do budget-friendly posts, which I’l be doing more of. The way I’ll start writing more posts is in the context of two price levels, the investment piece that is a bit pricier, or a very similar style for much less. It’s your call.


Make no mistake. There’s not substitute for a good pair of sunglasses like I wrote about here, but there definitely is a place for inexpensive lose(able) glasses that you can take on vacation, the beach or wherever. A lot of the sunglasses you’ll see here are pretty much knock offs of all of the classic, popular styles like The Clubmaster, Aviator, Tortiose Shell, WayfarerMirrored Glasses, etc. But there’s no better way to replicate those styles that finding some sunglasses under 50 bucks!

There are a bunch of sales like I wrote on here that you can take advantage of.. getting even better deals on these sunglasses. You can shop last minute bathing suits at H&M which has a HUGE 70% off SALE going on right now or somewhere like ASOS, who has a 50% off SALE here. Hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend, I’ll be heading to the lake with my family, and my girlfriend’s family.. should be a great time! Do you have a favorite pair of sunglasses? Leave me a comment in the section below!


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