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Summertime and the Perfect Leather Sandals

It’s hot. I’m sweating profusely in a cool climate-controlled apartment right now just thinking about it. And if we’re honest with ourselves, we can’t find a pool, beach, lake, or a puddle to go lay in quick enough. Summer is perfect for those summer getaways, just like the one Alexandria and I took and trips to the beach or lake are completely in order. In doing so there’s always one essential which stays in your weekender bag <—- (the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming soon!) that you need. Sandals. Flip-flops. The perfect leather sandals. Whatever you want to call them, don’t be a shoobie. Yes that was a complete Rocket Power reference (someone? anyone??) But seriously, what’s more annoying than going straight from the water to putting on socks with still wet feet or straight into shoes? (YUCK) Nothing. So what I’m getting at here is you’re going to need some flops.

Hari Mari is an INCREDIBLE company (if you sign up for their newsletter, you also get 20% off your first order which is major) who is just down the street here from me in Dallas and the people who run it are just as cool. Jeremy and Lila (founders and owners) are doing an awesome job with the brand and I got to go spend a day up there with them both telling me the story of the brand and how they’re changing lives with a simple idea. Their main products are the leather sandals, and they’ve got all kinds of them. From waterproof to full-grain leather, they cover it all. The one’s I’m wearing in these shots are from the Scouts line and they’re incredibly really comfortable.

Summer fashion look with sunglasses and leather sandals for men Tony Trahan- men's fashion blog

Summer fashion look with sunglasses and leather sandals for men Tony Trahan- men's fashion blog
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In talking with them, it was cool to see how they’re changing lives with their product. They’re giving back in a major way. I’m passionate about local and national ministries, as I personally am funding multiple ones Reach4Hope (my parents run this) and The Last Well (funding water wells in Liberia). This is a side note but I would challenge you to find ministries or non-profits that you’re passionate about and dive in.. either with your time, money or both.
The Hari Mari Sandal Shop (keep scrolling for women!)

But sorry for that complete side track. I bring this up because I was able to speak with the leaders at Hari Mari (who also has a big sale happening) about what they do and how they give kids in need sandals, which is for-lack-of-a-better-word… just plain awesome. Not only do they give back, but they’ve got a killer sandal that they make. It’s reminiscent of your old favorite Rainbow sandals, with ZERO break in time compared to those. I write this as I’ve worn them three or four times and they’re entirely comfortable.. so trust me when I say this.

Summer fashion look with sunglasses and leather sandals for men Tony Trahan- men's fashion blog

As a company, they’re becoming a national brand, with retail partners such as Gap, Nordstrom, and other huge stores. Suffice to say… people love em’. But anyways, I paired them with an outfit that I think is perfect for summer, vacations, and just all around good times. I love these shirts from J. Crew, the band collar shirt. (J. Crew also has a huge end of season sale which I wrote about in my round up on sales here.) I like the band collar shirt and think that it was cool to pair with these STRETCH stone colored chinos  (super comfortable and lightweight).

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