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Hotel Review: The Old No 77 Hotel & Chandlery

So about a week ago as I alluded to in my earlier post on New Orleans and working for Tasc, my girlfriend and I got to stay in quite a swanky little gem called The Old No 77 Hotel & Chandlery in New Orleans.

The Hotel

We stayed at the Old No 77 Hotel & Chandlery in the CBD (central business district) of New Orleans and it was quite a treat. We walked in and were greeted to what looked to be a cross between a SOHO House and an old saloon. The building used to be an old tobacco warehouse/factory which added that cool amount of character that you see all throughout the hotel.

The Old No 77 Home Inspiration Shop

We walked in and were greeted in quite the nice little lobby, it’s one of the coolest parts of the hotel. Adjacent to the lobby is the restaurant Compere Lapin as well as a cute little coffee bar, which has a robust breakfast menu (we had the mini muffins and quiche.. which were BOMB) as well as the standard coffee/espresso bar menu. The lighting fixtures everywhere were SO COOL, like this one, and this one. Our 2nd morning here, we had a nice little morning drinking and eating enjoying our morning.. like many others were doing. Also side note: we stayed at two hotels and neither had a pool so keep that in mind if you’re looking for that.

old no 77 hotel tony trahan

The Room

I won’t lie, it does feel a touch eerie being inside the incredibly old building and there is so much about the hotel that they left in tact. The walls are the thing that stand out most, revealing exposed brick at almost every corner. Heading upstairs to the room, you’ll find the carpeted floors (watch your feet for the non-labeled incline and decline on the walk in) a bit tricky to navigate. We almost face-planted 6 or 7 times, forgetting where the ramps were each time, haha! But once in the room, you can tell that they spent quite a good amount of money revamping the rooms. Ours was adorned with a signature yellow chair much like this one from West Elm. The bed was ultra-cozy, and I was personally in love with the lamps attached to the bed. I seriously am buying some when I get home. There also were the coolest side tables like these next to the beds.

the old no 77 tony trahan

the old no 77 tony trahan

The Surroundings

You may laugh but the first night we got in, we were tired and were hungry. Around the corner from The Old No 77 Hotel, there’s the greatest bar food from Barcadia, where we picked up the most incredible burger I swear. It probably was half hunger talking, but it seriously was a sublime burger. Just across the street from the hotel is Lafayette Square which is pretty neat, as well as Harrah’s Hotel and Casino and the famed ACME Oyster House. We didn’t make it to the Oyster House as it was packed and we weren’t feeling brave enough to test our stomach’s wits.. but maybe next time. The extent of my oyster history is eating them baked with spinach and cheese.. you can hardly call that an oyster.

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Pricing and Quality

Overall it was a cool experience and we paid quite a bit, but as you’ll see at this screenshot, you can get it for pretty cheap on TripAdvisor and it’s a quick little getaway, especially from Texas.

the old 77 tony trahan

We enjoyed it quite a bit, and I’ll be writing up on our other hotel which was our personal favorite, next week so stay tuned! But all in all, The Old No 77 Hotel was a treat. Hope you enjoyed and go getaway for a weekend.. even if it’s right in town! Speaking of going out of town… shop my vacation shop before you do!

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