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Moscot x Todd Snyder.. a Matchmade in Paradise

One of the coolest parts about this blog is that I am able to not only post on menswear, but bring you items that I personally select, wear, and love. This Moscot x Todd Snyder collection of sunglasses is something special, combining two American brands to make 6 terrific pair of glasses.

Todd Snyder is a brand that has been around for almost 5 years. It’s classically American with a strong focus on collaborations with some of the coolest brands around, such as Champion, Cole Haan, or Timex. They specialize in collaborating with strong American brands, and this pair of sunglasses specifically is in partnership with Moscot out of New York City.

I had known about Moscot for quite a bit, a timeless, luxury eyewear brand that has some pretty terrific glasses. They started doing business just after the Titanic sank. No, seriously. 1915! They partnered with Todd Snyder on this very limited run in a color way that is going to make you stand out from every other guy out there with black or brown.. all while keeping in a nice neutral color… olive. Check them out below!
Moscot x Todd Snyder Shop
I used to wear Clubmaster’s, no doubt, but I feel that they’ve gotten tired and are absolutely everywhere. It seems that everyone nowadays regardless of class, ethnicity, geographic region, etc. has them. They’ve permeated the ENTIRE marketplace. So I say that because I believe in the market there’s a strong need for that classic shape of eyewear, the clubmaster frame, but updated. I went with the Yukel style because they were a little bit larger for my larger face. The other two are a touch smaller, but a lot of people will love wearing these. By the way, Todd Snyder has a HUGE SALE going on right now, shop my picks below.
Todd Snyder Sale Picks 


Here’s the reason why you need these Moscot for Todd Snyder sunnies. They’re American, they’re limited, they’re in a color that you won’t find in another sturdy pair of sunglasses, and everyone needs that one pair of legitimate, luxury glasses without breaking the bank. I absolutely love these. The limited Moscot x Todd Snyder collection has 3 different styles and each are equally as cool. They have the Moscot Miltzen, the Moscot Lemtosh, and the Moscot Yukel. They make a strong statement (in a good way) if you need new optical glasses as well. They keep the same shape, just swap the shades for the clear frames and it’s a new pair of glasses.
moscot x todd snyder moscot yukel
I paired my glasses with one of their UNBELIEVABLY COMFY sweaters which come in 3 colors as you can see below. They’re linen, so they’re perfect layering pieces for the coming fall and cool summer nights.
Sweater Shop

I really am excited about these sunglasses that Moscot x Todd Snyder worked together on and hope y’all get a chance to check them out! Looking forward to bringing you all more selects… with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on the horizon! I’ll have a huge post on it before the sale goes live. Thanks for reading!


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