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New Orleans and the Summer Getaway

New Orleans. Or better yet, N’awlinssss as the local people would say. What a place full of heritage, history, and French-Cajun culture… and a place for a summer getaway. My goodness, my, my goodness it’s like stepping foot on another planet where the people speak in long southern drawl’s found nowhere else in the country. But boy do they know how to have a good time.

If you don’t know, half of my family are Trahan’s, or (trAW-Haw) if you’re anywhere east of the Texas-Louisiana state line. So I’ve been down quite a bit for family get-togethers, or visiting old friends. My girlfriend Alexandria and I are actually fortunate enough to be down here for the weekend shooting and working for Tasc Fitness Apparel (thanks to the Campbell Agency and Brooks, Jessica, and Ana at Tasc)! They’re a cool cool company and we got to spend a day with them over the weekend.


But while we were here, we partnered with Stanley Korshak and specifically The Shak, featuring travel and getaway gear from J. Brand, Rag & Bone (they have a HUGE SALE right now), Eleventy, and Suitsupply.

We thought while we were in town working, what better way to show our personal style through a summer getaway such as New Orleans. The summer is many things, hot, schools out, pool season, and a time for vacationing. Go to a new city. Explore a new town with your loved one or by yourself. The most rewarding thing you can do is travel. It’s been said that travel and experiences are the one thing that is worth the money. “Traveling is the one thing that you can buy that makes you richer” they say. Well.. it’s quite true. You get exposed to cultures and expand your bubble just a touch, to round you as a person and give you new experiences and expose you to things that you’re able to bring back into your normal life.

But anyways, this summer for us will be a summer of lots of travel and in conjunction… lots of posting. We shot loads of stuff that I am EXCITED to bring to you over the next couple of weeks. You all don’t even know yet, but I’ve shot about 8 other looks that I’ll be weaving in here over the coming days.

As for our hotel and where we shot this, I can’t say enough about our hotel. We stayed at the Catahoula Hotel in the CBD district of New Orleans and it was quite the new age, boutique hotel. I’ll have a full write up on that later next week.. but it was sublime.

summer getaway tony trahan

summer getaway tony trahan

As for my look here, I love the boldness of this windowpane jacket like this one here, here, or here. It can stand on its own, or pair it with neutral tie and let it shine.. just like I’ve touched on before. This one is actually Suitsupply whom I love as a brand. They’re absolutely killing it. I decided to pair it with my gray trousers and finished it off with a pocket square and tweed tie, which is a cool fabric to weave into your looks.

You can wear this jacket dressed up, or wear it dressed down with a white shirt and open collar and dark denim. My tip as always however, would be to keep the rest of the outfit simple. Like I mentioned before here, you only get so many style points and you don’t want to be that guy who goes overboard.

I’m looking forward to sharing all of this killer content with you guys! I’ve got stuff with Vince, Todd SnyderHari Mari, Gant and many others coming soon. Stay tuned!

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