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At the Indy 500 with Guess

The Indy 500. One of the few places where America comes alive, and takes a step back in time for a day, an experience unlike any other. As I alluded to in my previous post with Guess, it is truly a spectacle unlike any other.

The day starts early, almost 400,000 people pour in the gates around 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning because how else are you going to get everyone else in? To put it in perspective how grand the speedway is, every football stadium inside the Big 10 fits inside of the infield. That’s 14 stadiums… no really. Look.

tony trahan guess indy 500

But there are innumerable types of people at an IndyCar or F1 race, contrary to the stereotype of Nascar. At an IndyCar race you will find still few, but some dressed quite well for the event. Like my friend mentioned at the event, if you took the logos off of the apparel, you wouldn’t be able to tell where you were based on the way people dress.

tony trahan guess indy 500

I was excited to partner again with Guess for race day, thanks to Kaitlyn Quail and her great team. I felt that race day needed to have a leather jacket and there was no better one than this one. And to pair with it, the joggers they make are so so comfortable. These were nice as it felt like I had sweatpants on all day. As for the shirt, there’s no better option for summer than a cool short sleeve button down.

tony trahan indy 500

The more I find myself at these races and paying attention to Formula One, the more I enjoy it. Maybe it’s a part of getting older, or maybe it’s the kid in me but being around the cars is something different than anything in the world. You cannot even fathom the energy at a race like this nor the speed at which the tracks blur past you. Racing is slowly but surely becoming a favored thing to do for me, and I still have the Grand Prix to catch up on thankfully (don’t tell me who won)! But anyways, I hope you enjoyed experiencing a bit of the weekend with me and Guess and looking forward to bringing you all more just like it.


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