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Indy 500 x Guess

Woo woooooot I’ve been blessed enough to be here in Indianapolis for the 100th running of the Indy 500. It really is quite a treat to be here. I was last here 3 years ago and it was pretty rad as I was in the winners circle post-race with Tony Kanaan, talk about something that is unlike anything else. The Indy 500 is such a spectacle as you’ll never see any event like it. It’s like a Super Bowl mixed with a history and past that is like stepping in a time machine.

indy 500 guess

It’s also a bit of a sad weekend for me as I was last here with my dad and my friend who passed away, Windell Middlebrooks. He was like a brother to me, lived with him for a few months of the year in LA every year and miss him tons.

indy 500 guess

But anyways! I’ve been fortunate enough to be out here with Guess and some of their new Spring/Summer line! They’ve got some really cool stuff, and it really gels well with the Moto style of the Indy 500. They have a ton of stuff that all is priced really, really well.

indy 500 guess

indy 500 guess tony trahan


So we got out here Thursday and took in some of the pre-race stuff and it’s been enjoyable. The race overall was pretty awesome, I think there was like 40 lead changes or so and the rookie Alexander Rossi wound up winning.

But as for my look, I loved Guess’ longline tee and denim shirt this is the perfect wash of denim for summer, their distressed jean. It just felt like a cool pairing that I’ll be wearing all summer. These cool aviator sunnies came in handy too, as it was sunny all weekend. As for my boots, they’re from Frye, just thought it went well with everything. I’ll post on my other outfit later this week!


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