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Mixing Patterns.. Big and Small

One thing I think a lot of men get wrong is how to match shirt and ties, or shirt and suits. A lot of men are scared off of mixing patterns.

Like a previous post of mine, here, I think men have a tough time being able to get out of the garden variety solid shirt and solid tie. Many times I see a man with a checked shirt, or a striped shirt, paired with a solid tie. They don’t know how to properly put on a tie that goes well with it, or doesn’t clash. There’s one key here that guys’ everywhere mix and it’s an easy fix.

If you notice one thing above in the graphic, It’s that if one pattern is big…. keep the other one small! There are some great retailers like Ralph LaurenNordstrom, or Brooks Brothers that do a great job of presenting shirts and particularly checked or striped ones with ties that they match. I would suggest seeing the common theme with them and taking note.

If you notice this graphic below by the guys over at LifeHacker, they point out exactly what NOT to do. Don’t do it. But at the same time, don’t be afraid to play with them and you’ll get better at mixing patterns. Just keep one bigger than the other. And when it comes to stripes, if one is narrow, make the other one super wide like the picture I put together above.

Mixing patterns

There’s not a ton of science to it, but if you keep that it mind while shopping for a shirt and tie, you’ll have a dapper combo that’ll make people wonder how you pulled it off.

Hope you enjoyed it, don’t be afraid to experiment and send me your questions or findings while shopping!


Until next time.




P.S. For goodness sake do NOT buy that large polka dot shirt above!




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