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Saint Bernard x Tony Trahan ft. Rodd and Gunn

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great week thus far. Mine has started great, I’m excited to share with y’all a collaboration I’ve had in the works for a bit with Saint Bernard! Spoiler alert, click through on some of the links and you’ll see me as a model for some of the brands…

But anyways, Saint Bernard has recently undergone some brand changes, and have streamlined things, now being known as Saint Bernard instead of Saint Bernard Sports. But lemme tell ya, it’s for good reason. I stepped into their Inwood store and it’s got everything you could possibly want.. not just sports and ski gear. I had known that they had good brands, but didn’t know they had ones such as Vince, John Varvatos, J. Brand, and the one I’ve got on today.. Rodd & Gunn! Click on some of the links and you’ll see that they’ve got loads of stuff on sale.

What I’m saying is don’t overlook them next time you feel like you need to go to Nordstrom to find those brands. They’ve got those plus many many more.

Rodd & Gunn Brandon Shirt

But I want to call attention to this brand I’m wearing.. Rodd & Gunn. I had worn this in the studio before, but didn’t realize how well it fits until I shot all of this stuff. Holy smokes it’s the perfect fit.. and just in time for summer! I legitimately will go buy 6 of these shirts because I like many men out there, struggle with finding a short sleeve shirt that doesn’t bow out on the arms to make it look like I have wings, and that is also long enough. There’s an art to crafting the fit of these shirts and they nailed it.

The shirt I’ve got on is also right in line with all the tropical trend shirts you’re seeing out of Hollywood, and now straight from designers. So the one I’ve got on is called the Brandon Shirt and it comes in tons of different patterns. Check them out above in my links!

Raglan Shorts

As far as the shorts, they fit in all the right places. I really can’t say enough about how they nailed the fit with these. They’re made out of cotton and elastane so they have a nice stretch to them, and then have a bit of a canvas trim on the pockets which I like. Overall, this will be one of my go to outfit’s for summer. I can’t snap up enough of these short sleeve shirts, and Rodd & Gunn nailed it. Go check them out if you’re in Dallas, Houston, or Austin or check them out online! They run a little big so order a size down if you get one.

Big note on the pictures and my photographer girlfriend Alexandria Andrews holy smokes on being a star right out the gates am I right people?? She shot all of these and I’m looking forward to doing more stuff with her on these. Go give her a follow and check her out! (But don’t like check her out check her out or we might have issues…)

Haha but anyways, big thanks to Lilly at Saint Bernard on this collab! Hope you all enjoyed.


saint bernard

Shoes: Cole Haan

Sunnies: Oliver Peoples

Until next time





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