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Peacocking and Style Points

You know him. Yes, you know exactly who I’m talking about. “That guy” in the office. He wears it all, he’s on trend, he is so immersed in every bracelet/festival hat/pocket square/tie bar/cuffed pants/lapel flower/crazy socks trend out there and it’s just…. well too much. I’ve been that guy for a season of my life where I was re-defining style so you can trust me when I say I’ve been there. Style is a funny thing. You try things, you like some, you hate some, and then they become a part of you. So if you’re going through that phase… well… you do you! And I need to preface by saying that this works for some people. Heck, I have friends who do this and I know exactly who they are. But I respect them for having their own perosnal style.

But if you’re not, may I offer some advice. I think of it in terms of “style points”. You see I feel like we’ve got a given number of style points to use on an outfit, and when gone… that’s all you get. I look at it like this. When I’ve got a suit on and think about adding to it, I think in these terms. Do I really need a pocket square, lapel flower, tie bar, crazy socks, an undercut AND double monkstrap shoes? Probably not. You’re doing too much. Pick one or two and don’t go overboard! For the sake of all of us. Maybe find that killer pocket square and pair a color in it with a tie and then let the rest of your outfit frame those two pieces. But man, it burns the eyes when I see someone clashing all of their stylish moments together.. it’s like their all fighting for attention and I don’t know which one to look at!



Wearing a wide brimmed fedora? Well that’s a pretty big statement on its own. Don’t add to it and wear 16 wristbands with cuffed jeans, a printed shirt and cuffed socks. Let the hat speak for itself and keep the rest of it simple. Same goes for other things, if you’re wearing cool socks, let that be your thing and keep the rest simple but don’t try and do it all.


What I’m saying here is keep it simple and with menswear and fashion, simple is always better. Simple, tailored, and classic. Those are some of the things I try to remember when dressing. Now as you’ll see those guys above, they’re doing their own thing and I respect them for it. They’ve found what works for them. I may put a twist on something classic, but if I do I try and keep everything else simple and minimal. We’re not women and run out and try every trend and color on everything we buy. Find something you like and stick to it!


Anyways, all for now.






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