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White Sneakers Every Man Needs

The Sneakers Are Everywhere

Head to Nordstrom right now and under the “spring essentials” for men, you’ll see white sneakers as a staple for spring. Go over to GQ and look at any spring/summer outfit or editorial and you’ll see white sneaks on it. Head to Esquire and look at how to dress down a suit and you’ll see white sneaks.


Catch the drift? They’re everywhere. No seriously. From the Stan Smith—Adidas collaboration, Jack Purcell Converse, regular Converse, or to the all-white Adidas Ultra boost (which I love and own) they are EVERYWHERE. Fashion editors and bloggers everywhere have been styling them with legitimately anything you can put on your body. I personally think they’re fantastic with rolled up chinos, shorts with a linen shirt, or if you’re daring… with a suit. Just tell people you’re a “creative” and they’ll just totally get it. It’s the whole artist creative I-do-what-I-want thing.

How To Wear Sneakers

But the point I make here is that you can darned near wear them with everything in your wardrobe—especially in spring. There’s something about white shoes that pops and screams spring. I like wearing mine with chino shorts and chinos personally, it just feels like both of those outfits long for the white shoes. There is no end to finding the perfect one for you, I’ve included a variety of styles you can check out, so do give them a look. See what you like. See if they’re you. If so? Embrace it and don’t look back! We’ve accepted them in the mainstream and gives you a cool casual changeup to the loafer, oxford, or chukka boot. Plus, if you’re a dad or not in your 20’s, it’s a move that will make you look and feel 5-10 years younger. I’ve legitimately got em’ on my feet as I write. Check em’ out and let me know what you think!

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