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Hotel Review: Napa River Inn

Hotel Review: Napa River Inn

Holy Moly me. oh. my. What a cool trip to Napa Valley I had earlier this month, and I had been meaning to get to this ever since the trip.

We stayed at the historic Napa River Inn in Napa Valley, and it did not disappoint. Most people don’t know this about Napa, but there’s not this great abundance of luxury or nice hotels in town or around the town. Most of the hotels are your run-of-the-mill Courtyard Inn or something of that variety, with very few reflecting the experience that we had at the Napa River Inn. It’s about 10-20 minutes away from all of the wineries, but in a good part of town where there are a myriad of restaurants, stores, and shopping.

You drive up in the town of Napa and it’s the tallest thing for miles (that’s saying something considering it’s three stories!) But boy is it beautiful. Sits right on the river and is it’s where all of the good restaurants, pubs, stores are in town. It doesn’t get any better.


But right below the hotel are some fantastic little shops. The bakery right below it is AMAZING. It’s called Sweetie Pies, but it has a cool little tie-in with the hotel that gives you a choice from their menu for complimentary breakfast in bed! Talk about a perk…. (note: if you go, get the AM bun!) But they have a ton of sandwiches, quiches, pastries, and all sorts of goodies for breakfast. (Pro tip, if you actually go downstairs and give them your hotel ticket, the menu is even bigger.) We got BLUEBERRY PANCAKES our 2nd day there. If I could do heart eyes on here, I would.

Overall, the rooms were really nice, they even have a fireplace in them. If you go, try and get the room with the balcony facing the river. It’s a beautiful scene and a great place to have morning coffee and eat Sweetie Pies.

Restaurants in Napa and Things To Do

As for the restaurants and to do’s around the hotel itself, there is a plethora right there in town. All within walking distance, we ate at Uva Tratorria and Eiko’s sushi. Both were absolutely fantastic, and there is a burgeoning supply or modern 4 and 5 star restaurants to choose from. Uva is a quaint little place with live music and the best margherita pizza I think I have ever had. If you go, you’ve gotta get it.

As for coffee and things to do in the morning, go check out the Oxbow Public Market, a melting pot of restaurants, coffee shops, olive oil sellers, and many other things all mixed in with a grocery store. Go get coffee in the morning and overlook the running path and public park trail out on the patio. It’s a wonderful way to take a morning in.


But overall, it’s a tremendous experience and a really nice place to be able to relax and getaway for a weekend. I would suggest you check it out and if you ever get the chance to visit Napa. DO IT!


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