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How To Dress In The Summer

Dressing For Summer

Friends! How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic, soaking up that beautiful spring sunshine in Dallas. I was outdoor legitimately all weekend. I even SLEPT outside. Okay that last part was made up, but you get the point.

There’s nothing more I love in Dallas, our beautiful city than the spring, fall, and transitional months. What a pleasant time to be in the metroplex. But what about the dog days of Summer? You know the ones…. Well anyways! I had the chance to write for Society Life Magazine, a subsidiary of D Magazine. What a treat! I wrote on the upcoming summer months, and how a guy is supposed to stay remotely stylish while not sweating through his clothes. I’ll admit. It’s tough, but get creative with it and you can do it! Anyways, it’s on newsstands now.. but I’ll drop you guys the article here!

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What To Wear in the Summertime

Summertime in Dallas–one of the best times of year. Lake days, cook-outs, and Sunday brunch are synonymous with our city’s days in the summer months. But how’s a guy to stay fashionable and more importantly, cool in the summer time? That’s the most important thing I hear from guys when I talk to them about fashion. They want to be comfortable. “Sacrifice for fashion” they say, but I’m here to tell you that you CAN have it both ways, look cool AND look the part. Three of the situations you’ll find yourself in this summer call for different garments, and I’ll lay out what I’d personally wear to each.

BBQ and Cook-outs

It’s more than likely going to be a daytime thing, which means it’s going to be a hot one. I would opt here for a navy Lacoste retro polo with a pair of super light off-white chinos. I know what you’re thinking, pants in the summer? You have to be insane. But it’s all about the fabric here. If you go for the cotton chinos as opposed to the all around wool, your legs and body will thank you for the coolness they provide over a traditional out of denim. As for the polo, I would even button it up all the way up to add my personal touch, just like my grandpa did with his. After all, trends do almost always come back around. And one trip across the pond to England and you’d see that the English still have this style move fully on display. 

Sunday Brunch

Guys, here’s the time to flex those sartorial muscles. You’re heading out of church, or recovering from a good night of fun and gathering the troops for the ritualistic ceremony that is brunch in Dallas. It epitomizes our city and everyone comes out swinging in their Sunday best. Luckily it’s going to be earlier in the day which means the sun won’t be out in full force yet. Here you could pull off the style move of a t-shirt under a cool sport coat or blazer paired with shorts and sneakers. Guys a lot of times get scared off of the blazer thinking its formal. Here’s my advice–treat it just like a jacket or sweatshirt, wear it just the same and make it more casual and it’ll reward you. Then roll up the sleeves and go eat that Eggs Benedict you just ordered.. you deserve it. 

Rangers games

The dog days of summer are coming and the Rangers games are upon us! When I think rangers games I think shorts and jerseys, but I would swap the jersey for a more buttoned up approach with a washed shirt… but the short sleeved version. I would even go for a printed one, maybe even stay with a red or blue one to match the other 45,000 people at the ballpark. A lot of guys make a big mistake here not focusing on the fit, making it look like a trash bag on their torso. The shirt should fit you like a t-shirt would, and roll the sleeves a couple of times to give you that casual it-just-does-this look to it. Couple that with a pair of navy shorts and white Jack Purcell sneakers and you’ll be sure to be one of the best dressed guys at the ballpark.

Thanks for reading y’all! This week I’ve got a post on my go-to outfit in my wardrobe and others. I look forward to seeing you back here!

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