Dressing for Napa Valley and the Summertime

Friends how are we doing! I pose it as a statement moreso than question because I. Am. Excited. To. Be. Back. But anywho, I am so so dang excited to share the exciting news with you all that I am now officially signed up with RewardStyle which lets me easily share how to shop my posts and makes clickable for each of you to see ideas from what I wear. So as you’ll notice below from my trip and trying to dress for Napa Valley, I’ve got nicely little curated links embedded in the post if you like something you see. And let me tell you, there are lots of exciting things happening. I’ve got a newsletter happening, and will be posting multiple times a week! So do follow if you want all of the latest updates and exclusive content that I won’t always share here.

There are going to be posts you hate. Posts you love. But find what is right for you through all of this. As you can see above there’s a nicely little curated box with links to ideas that you can check out. This shirt is actually Tommy Hilfiger and was a bit older so it was the closest I could find.

But on to the post…

So I was in Napa this past weekend! And what a weekend it was. I had never experienced it and it was nothing short of breathtaking and fulfilled everything my imagination had conjured up and then some. And the wine? Well… It was sublime. My girlfriend and I went for her birthday and we got to visit five wineries. Throughout the trip I got to experiment a bit with dressing for Napa (which comes in handy as it pretty well represents summer drerssing). One day it was 65 and the next it was 85. This was the day it was 85 and I chose to layer up as those spring transitional mornings can be a bit of a chilly time, and peeled off as I went.

Napa Valley

I’ve really been digging the all blue monochrome thing lately, as it’s also my favorite color. But one of the cool things about spring is the white sneaker. I’ll have a full post on this later, but I was able to weave it in casually into the weekend and found myself grabbing for the iconic Stan Smith Adidas sneaker more often than not.

I can’t tell you how beautiful Napa is, you’re going to have to experience it for yourself if you can! It’s a must on the bucket list. If you’ve got any comments or questions don’t hesitate to drop me a line below or at my email!




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