Why Men Cuff Their Pants

The cuff. The mankle. Whatever the hell you’d like to call it is here and has been here for some time. I know that now it’s really mainstream since some Phil Dunphy type dads are seizing the trend. But why do we do it? What’s the point? Well I’m actually a huge fan of this and I’ll tell you why.

A Brief History

This trend takes its origins from numerous places. For one, Thom Browne is largely to be blamed for the fad. He is the man that effectively shrunk the classic suit, and rose the suit pant to the dangerously high level of foreshadowing a flood. (For the record, I cannot wear his suits. I’m tall enough as it is, it wouldn’t exactly be flattering on me to be looking like I got dressed from my little brothers closet.) But I digress, as the suits look fantastic on a lot of fashionable people. Also of note, he is the man below in the dark picture at the bottom of the page.


Secondly, men in the northeast around Martha’s Vineyard, the Hamptons, as well as locations in Florida took hold of the trend. In the months just before summer where it’s still a bit nippy at night so you’d be best advised to wear pants, men during the day like to get the extra coolness by rolling up their pants and looking like they don’t give a damn about anything. Especially when wearing loafers. It’s sort of like the casually tousled hair kind of thing. Sort of look like you’re not trying by well, trying.

And thirdly, New Yorkers mainstreamed the trend because, well… doesn’t any and all trend take hold and go viral in Gotham? Bikers in the city and any city roll up their pants by nature and practicality, because when pedaling, the pant won’t get caught in the crank shaft. I would assume that some of their friends liked
the way it looked and started adapting the trends themselves. Also, another massive trend in the past couple of years has been Selvedge Denim. Now why do people roll up their jeans because of this? Because if you look closely, when you roll up selvedge, it has a clean finished edge… unlike unfinished non-selvedge denim. So it’s sort of worn like a badge of honor.



Why do it?

But the reason I do it, and the reason I believe many men do is because of two reasons. Firstly, it frames the shoe. If you’re wearing your finest oxfords or Santoni Double Monk’s, they need to be shown off like you paid $700 for them. Because you probably did…. But that’s neither here nor there, because if you have them, I’m green with envy. It also gives you the option to show off your socks! Because socks!!! Socks get no love, although they are making quite a comeback due to this fascination with the mankle. I also am not a huge fan of shorts ever, because I think a man looks best in pants. So when it’s too hot, I like rolling them up and getting the extra breeze on the sexiness that is the mankle. Now, the next time you swoon over a man because you see that gleaming toned ankle rolled up over a pair of Air Max’s, you’ll know the reasoning behind it. Cheers to that.




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